Crystal Skulls

Hand carved primarily in South America, Crystal Skulls carry the attributes of the stones they are carved from. Promoting transformation, healing, unconditional love, ancient wisdom and an understanding of ascension, Skulls can invoke such feelings as happiness, security and peace. Working with their vibrations will often bring clarity and comfort, helping to clear soul level blocks so that positive change and growth can take place.  

Crystal skulls are also credited for having the ability to awaken human consciousness to a higher level of being. Some people assert that they experience a psychic connection when viewing a crystal skull, and commonly declare that they were infused with positive energy.

Some believers in the mystical qualities of crystals credit ancient peoples with having crafted crystal skulls. According to them, ancients used the skulls to predict the future, to control the weather, as healing devices, as oracles to receive cosmic wisdom, and as receivers of universal knowledge.

*If desired, Crystals can be used to enhance support, clear guide and heal during a session. 



A small yet mighty Blue Lapis skull, Affable assists both the throat and 3rd eye chakra, helping one to speak their truth and see it clearly.



Affable's partner, Amiable, is a Sodalite stone and offers support for both the throat and crown chakras.



Sly is made of beautiful Black Tourmaline and offers the healing powers of grounding, pain relief and comic relief!



An exquisite Amazonite skull, he/she offers an array of high heart healing and is wonderful in assisting with grief and/or loss.



Esmerelda is a uniquely patterned Chevron Amethyst (Chevron Amethyst is a combination of Amethyst and White Quartz). While being a very grounding stone, she aids in opening the crown chakra and the soul star chakra. 



Lucia, also Chevron Amethyst, works in tandem with her sister, Esmeralda. Together they accelerate lineage clearing.



Appy, an unusual deep Green Apatite, supports the heart chakra. He also assists in identifying and healing layers of underlying issues. Appy is deeply connected to the cosmos.


Golden Flower

Golden Flower is a powerful Citrine skull and a master of clearing energy.  A Hawaiian Goddess, Golden Flower is downloaded with ancient crystal skull knowledge. She guides and heals with a strong "Lady Boss" vibration.



A gentle and soothing Aquamarine Healing Water Goddess, Sunaya heals the emotional body while easing grief and pain.



This Earth Mother Goddess grounds you into Mother Earth's love, strength and nurturing. Made of Tiger Iron (a combination of Golden Tiger Eye, Hematite, and Jasper), Sumaya also helps one to find courage in times of change.


Rascal & Roseabella

Larger than life-size skulls, these Rose Quartz love birds represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Sending divine love to the heart chakra, their energy fosters calming, healing and soothing vibrations. These two honor both the feminine and masculine within all of us.