"For over two years now I have counted on Susan for so many forms of support! Her amazing ability to help with intuitive guidance is just one of her many attributes. She has supported me in toddler transitions, weaning, preschool selection and taught me about Positive Discipline. I know I will continue to utilize Susan for support as my toddler grows into a boy….  

I think the world of Susan and find her help priceless. My entire family has benefitted from the growth I've achieved by working with her!"

-Laura S. / San Francisco, CA
"Sometimes, when my newborn is crying and I have done all the things that I am supposed to do (such as burp, change diaper, swaddle, nurse) and still something is bothering her, I fall speechless. My anxiety kicks in and I only wish someone could decode what my daughter is going through. Susan has been that decoder. 

Susan is a natural with babies and with adults. What she has is a gift from creator. And I am so glad that she has been pursuing her calling.  She is not just a "Baby Whisperer" but also a great listener.  

I lost my mother when I was young and I look up to Susan for my baby advice and so far she has guided me on the right path. My daughter, even though only 8 months, looks at Susan as if she is her best friend - a best friend who understands her!

I am so Grateful I have Susan in my life. She is God sent. Thank you Susan for your gifts. If you can take advantage of her services I highly recommend it."

- Falguni K. / Portland, OR
"Like many who are studying or interested in metaphysics, I had heard of crystal skulls yet had no idea why they were considered so sacred. 

Booking a session with Susan absolutely enlightened me to the power of these magical stones. Not only did she explain how to work with them, she brought the skulls that were specific to my energetic healing needs. Once I held the skulls I could sense their personality and power. Susan's guided meditations during the session also enhanced the connection I felt with skulls, and I was able to sense their guidance more clearly (i.e. holding the skulls on a certain chakra for clearing or healing, or simply holding the skulls and allowing them to "do their work"). 

I now feel more connected to the crystal realm in general and feel that I am able to work with the skulls more profoundly in my subsequent sessions with Susan. My favorite skulls to work with are Golden Flower, Sayeed and Sumaya.  And Rascal and Roseabella are a powerful team!" 

- Corrinne T. / Portland, OR
"I'm so glad that I started counseling with Susan Lehman.  

In a short period of time, I've been able to integrate the tools she has given me and stop the negative self-talk and habitual patterns that have plagued me most of my life.  She is truly a gifted, compassionate and intuitive counselor. I would highly recommend her."

-Mary / Portland Or
"Susan has a very strong earth Mother vibe that makes you feel nurtured and cared for in your deepest pain. She is very connected on a higher level to angels, guides and God/Goddess/Spirit. She completely honors where you are and everything you are: the good, the bad and the ugly. There is nothing I could not reveal to her about myself. She always holds it with integrity, confidentiality, deep respect and love. I cherish our work together. She has become indispensable and irreplaceable to me. I often call her my "co-pilot" on this healing life journey. 

I highly recommend her for counseling in any capacity. If you truly want to change patterns that no longer work for you and completely change your life for the better, she is the one!"

- Nina Larkin, MA, LMFT